Spotlight on Sharon Keller

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I’ve often referred to Sharon Keller as my ‘hair wizard’, and I’ll share some photos of my different hairstyles she’s given me over the years soon. But Sharon does so many other things, too, that I wanted to shine a light on her girlbossness with a few questions to highlight her wide range of mad skillz.

Photo by Light & Vision Photography.

Savannah: You do so many different things! Take a deep breath and list your different ‘titles’ and give us a brief description of what you do with each job.
Sharon: *Salon Owner/Operator: I own a single operator studio salon located in my house. I moved into my house because it allows me the freedom to work on all my side hustles and follow my crazy dreams on my own terms. It’s the best decision I have ever made. (That and not working on Saturdays anymore).
*Bounce! Hair Studio…other things (Bounce on the Road and Bounce! Accessories): I have taken a vintage tin can camper (aka the Jellybean) and flipped it to be a mobile salon! With that, I focus on wedding days, birthday parties, and special events. It can also be used as an onsite dressing room for photo and film shoots. Bounce! Hair Accessories is just me finding vintage jewelry and turning it into hair pieces for weddings and special events.
*Technical Advisor for Schwarzkopf Canada: I go into existing salons that carry Schwarzkopf colour or that are switching to that colour line and I teach the technical theory and colour techniques. It takes me to Toronto several times a year for training and I get to do 2 hair shows a year where we feature the newest trends and I get to work with some of Canadas best hair stylists.
*Makeup Artist: …pretty self explanatory.
*Stage Manager: I work as a freelance Stage Manager for musical theatre, dance shows, and concerts, and I have worked on some large full scale musicals as well as the East Coast Music Awards and the Canadian Country Music Awards. It’s a super fun gig.
*Wig Mistress (Stage Crew): I’m a member of the Stage Crew at the Confederation Centre of the Arts focusing on wigs and makeup.

When/what/who was it that inspired you to become a hairdresser?
Paula Pound Bernard. Hands down. I have always loved playing with hair! When I was little, I would have hair themed birthday parties, and my best b-day present ever was that bubble gum pink crimping iron circa 1987. But Paula was the first person that made me realize that hairdressing wasn’t just a job you did if you couldn’t do anything else. It was an art form, and you can excel and become amazing in this career.

As a makeup artist, what is your favourite bridal style or trend right now?
Oh boy. That’s a tough one for me. Right now I love a really neutral eye with a fierce liner and red lips. It’s not very bridal, but holy lord it’s hot to see that with a white dress and a bouquet. It’s like…bride on a mission.

Makeup and hair by Sharon Keller. Photo by Light & Vision Photography.

What beauty advice do you give to a bride as she preps for her wedding day?
In leading up to the wedding, it’s just to have a good routine and keep it simple. Drink lots of water, wash your face before bed, moisturize, and STOP STRESSING OUT. No matter what, your day will be perfect. No one at a wedding has ever said, “it was a really nice wedding, but man I wish her bouquet had more crystals in it.” The one thing EVERYONE at your wedding is going to notice is you, not all the details floating around in your head – so let it go, stop stressing, and SLEEP.


How does having the Jellybean onsite at weddings make the bride’s day easier and more fun?
The Jellybean allows for everyone to be together in one place in locations that might not be best suited for getting ready for a wedding. It can fit up to 8 people, you can have your snacks and drinks in it, and once your hair and makeup is done you can walk away and leave the mess behind. It’s also great for some pretty sweet photo ops as it will be prepped specifically for the bride and her girls.

What are your must-have daily beauty items?
Brow powder, mascara, my gel cheek pot, a good lip balm, and DRY SHAMPOO. (That’s the ‘desert island’ list).

Tell us about a career highlight you’ve had as a stage manager.
Working the Canadian Country Music Awards, for sure.

You’ve always got something new in the works – what new project are you working on right now?
It’s too big for my brain to hold on to all of it. But it’s in the works…let’s say it’s a 1-2 year top secret plan. WEDDING TAKEOVER FOR THE WHOLE ISLAND! All wedding industry people invited!

Photo by Rachel Peters Photography.


Favourite Colour:

Lucky Number:
Every number is lucky. I’m drawn to the number 8 though…maybe because it’s pretty?

Fave self care method:
Complete silence and a book with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.

Fave TV show or movie:
New: The Greatest Showman; Old: Dirty Dancing

What are you listening these days:
The Greatest Showman soundtrack…over and over and over. It’s seriously making me brave and want to take huge leaps of faith.

Favourite season in PEI:
That part that’s on the cusp of summer and fall.

Dead or alive, who do you wish you could meet?:
That’s tough…I kind of live in the moment so I don’t usually wish for things like that. BUT I once did ask Hugh Jackman via Instagram if I could work on his next show so maybe that is the answer. But really, I just want to meet him so I can get a cool job on one of his musicals.

Favourite quote:
Though she be but little, She is FIERCE!!!!”

Photo by Len Currie.

Spotlight on Aimee Dow Cosmetics

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As a makeup artist, I’m always excited when I hear about a great new beauty product – especially if it’s local! While many of my skin care products are locally made (more on that in the future!), most of my makeup is from Sephora, MAC, or other big brands, as it’s rare to find a local boutique company that boasts high quality. That’s why I was beyond excited when I learned that fellow PEI makeup artist, Aimee Dow, had created her own line of liquid lipsticks and launched her own company, Aimee Dow Cosmetics!

I’m always curious and full of questions when people launch new businesses, so I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a few of samples of her lipsticks, ask her all about her inspiration for the passion project, and just generally get to know her a bit better. (After all, we work in the same industry but never get to actually work together!)

Savannah: What inspired you to become a makeup artist?
Aimee: Makeup has always been a passion of mine. Since the age of 12, I have been completely enchanted by makeup and all of the possibilities you can create with makeup. I can still remember getting into my mother’s Amway Artistry makeup, and I was completely fascinated by all of the beautiful colours, textures, and different uses of it. I still feel this way now, and I would say my passion has only grown over the years. I’ve always dreamed of being a makeup artist owning my own cosmetics line. To say that those dreams have now both come true is so surreal, and I am so thankful for every opportunity I have been given.

S: What is your favourite makeup style or trend right now?
A: As we move into spring and summer, I am all about minimalistic makeup with fresh looking skin and a bright pop of color on the lips. I love a good dewy golden highlighter that makes you look perfectly sun-kissed and like you’re glowing from within. I’ve been going for more of the natural fresh-skinned look lately, and I think it is going to be a huge trend for this spring and summer season.

S: What is a makeup mistake that you wish people knew how to fix?
A: Brows! I would hate to make anyone feel bad, but I do feel a little uneasy when I see brows that are too dark, too warm, too thin, too bushy/unkempt or just not shaped the right way for their face. Brows really are so important, and they frame the face. If the brows look wrong, then it can mess up your entire look.

S: Tell me about a career highlight you’ve had.
A: There have been many noteworthy highlights but the most recent is creating Aimee Dow Cosmetics – a cosmetics company, primarily focusing on liquid lipstick for now, that I truly believe in. I can’t tell how much money I have spent on searching for a perfect liquid lipstick, the kind that is moisturizing but stays on. After forking out tons of money, I was still finding faults in all the formulas I tried, only to be left disappointed and defeated. I thought I would never find exactly what I was looking for. So, since creating a makeup line of my own has always been in the back of my mind, I took charge and did loads of research. I searched for manufacturers from all over the world, some nights being up until 3AM talking with companies overseas. I finally settled on three manufacturers that I was really impressed with, and the work begun. After months of back-and-forth, and lots of testers, I finally had my hands on my dream formulas… and they were all mine! I am so proud to say that my liquid lipsticks are perfection in my eyes. They are the perfect mix of moisturizing and long-wearing, and all of which are incredibly pigmented. So, this for me was a huge success in my books, and definitely my biggest career highlight to date! I am a proud mama!

S: You’re heading to a desert island and allowed to bring five beauty items – what are they?
A: I’ll have to play it safe on this one, and makeup will need to take a back-seat! That hurts a little! But, I would definitely take my essentials which are:
1. SUNSCREEN! So important to preserve your skin from the damage the sun can cause!
2. Body wash that could double as shampoo…. I mean, do I need to explain?
3. A nourishing moisturizer to help repair my skin, if damaged, and keep it moisturized.
4. A razor.. again, need I explain?
5. A moisturizing SPF lip balm to help prevent my lips from becoming cracked, damaged, and dry.

S: What is something you wish more people would ask you about?
A: I actually don’t like to talk too much about myself but I love hearing all about what’s going on in your world! I find it awkward to talk about myself too much with others, so I often try to redirect the conversation. I love to help others, and I think that is why I also became an RN. I wish people would ask me more about self-help questions because I truly love helping others search for answers related to their health, and I love making suggestions when I can. I love talking about the brain and the chemicals involved, and I also love talking about different illnesses and why they are brought about. I love solving health problems, it makes me feel good and almost like an FBI agent!


Favourite colour:
Most people would think it is pink, but my favourite colour of all is actually blue. There’s just so many gorgeous tones of blue! Plus, something about blue reminds me of blue skies and gorgeous shimmering blue waters and just enjoying nature. Everything about it represents calmness for me and I like that.

Lucky number:
I would have to say 5… Don’t ask why, though!

Fave self care method:
I love a good face mask and a nice bubble bath! Right now I am loving the Charlotte Tilbury Dry Facial Sheet Mask – so luxurious feeling and leaves you looking so refreshed. Who wouldn’t dig that?!

Fave TV show or movie:
Hands down, “This is us” – I instantly fell in love with that show and it’s even one my husband enjoys too. So, any show that we can watch and both enjoy together is definitely a fave!

What are you listening these days:
It’s actually kind of funny because my playlist is literally all over the place. I am a small-town country girl, so I can appreciate George Jones (I know, right?) but I also love the complete opposite as well, like Post Malone or Cardi B. All time faves for me though would have to be Rihanna, Beyonce, and Nicki Minaj. I’ll admit, my playlist recently has had Post Malone and 90’s music on repeat – can’t go wrong with either… right? So all over the place. For the most part, I like to listen to music that I can relate to and I love that about music. There’s a song for every mood!

Favourite season in PEI:
I’m definitely a summer girl. For me, and probably many others, there is something about the warm weather and sunshine that makes me feel 100%.

Dead or alive, who do you wish you could meet:
Personally, I think it would be cool to have a chat with Princess Diana. I also think Oprah would be an amazing individual to have a conversation with. I think there would be so many different and interesting conversations you could easily have with both. They both are two very inspirational women, and I’m all about that!

Favourite quote:
“Life’s too short.”
Short and sweet, but it reminds you to always keep what is important to you at the forefront and close to your heart. Hold on to the ones you love, and take every opportunity that comes your way. If they don’t come your way, do what you can to create them. Make your dreams a reality. Do what makes you happy…because life really is too short. Don’t you think?

…I agree! And life is also too short to be wearing bad lipstick, so head over to Aimee Dow Cosmetics and find your new favourite hue! (Hot tip: my personal fave is ‘Romance‘).

New Years Resolution? Nah! But here are my intentions and hopes for 2018!

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The last four or five years, my routine to prepare for each new year has evolved from choosing (and rarely achieving) a traditional resolution to setting several smaller intentions and goals focused on different parts of my life. This year, I adapted it further to include a ‘shedding’ of negativity from the last year, highlighting of all of the great things that happened in 2017, and then set my intentions for the upcoming year as well as a little trick to keep me motivated for the months to come. Below is how I set my new years intentions and a free downloadable worksheet for you to do this, too!

Shedding the Past
I’m not going to lie, 2017 was a strong kick in the pants for me. There were a lot of things that I would love to forget, but I’m a firm believer in learning something from each experience (good or bad), so in order to learn I needed to shed how terrible I felt about these things. My process looked like this…I wrote all of the hardest parts of 2017 onto a sheet of paper, read it out loud (and cried about some of them – crying is cleansing!), and then I lit that piece of paper on fire and watched it dissolve into ash. Sounds pretty dramatic, but I swear I felt such relief! It’s really helped me to appreciate the challenging times that I’ve survived and move on to focus on more positive things.

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Highlighting the Good
As much as 2017 served up some big health and business challenges for me, there were so many wonderful things that happened, too. It was a year filled with lots of family, friends, and Love.
In my bullet journal, I’ve made block of space titled ‘gratitude & memories’ each week, and at the end of the year I go through each of those highlights and write them all into a new spread all together. This is the second year I’ve done this with my bujo, and it’s become such a great way to remember both the tiniest and biggest beautiful moments (some of which are shown above).

Intention Setting, Hopes and Dreams

Once I finish reviewing the year that’s gone by, I start to look at the new year ahead. There are quite a few different areas of life to think about here – personal intentions (family, relationships, friends, travel, health, fitness, self-improvement, etc), business goals (marketing campaigns, financial targets, creative expansion, etc), household dreams (decluttering, renovations, painting, landscaping, etc), and many more.
In my opinion, setting one big resolution in one single area of life would not make for a very productive year, even if the target was hit. Setting several smaller goals for each ‘category’ will show the biggest difference and the most overall improvement.

BONUS: Choosing a Word (or two) of the Year

With my intentions and hopes and business goals and life dreams are all laid out on paper, it’s often easy to see a theme amongst them. Choosing a word that fits with the theme can be a simple reminder of the intentions, and help to motivate throughout any challenges in the months to come. My words of the year are “less and more” as in less clutter and creating more space in my home and workshop, less busy and more productive time management, less digital connection and more time spent with loved ones in person, less spending and more saving…you get the picture. This little reminder to think of what I really want in my life is just the thing I need to keep me in line with my intentions for 2018.

Just getting started on your intention-setting for the new year? Me too! Who cares if we’re late to the party as long as we show up. And if something you thought would be good for you isn’t working, change it up! No need to wait until next January 1st to start anew. Today is always the start of a new year, and it’s always a great time to set new goals.