A long time coming…

Prince Edward Island

This blog and website have been a long time in the making (and wishing and dreaming and planning). Trying to include all of the different jobs and ‘personas’ that I have into one website has always been a pretty daunting task, though. I mean, I’m already a jewellery designer and maker, freelance makeup artist, co-owner of a model agency, curator of vintage clothing and housewares, co-operator of a seasonal vintage and artisanal shop, and just this year began restoring a 130+ year old house to become a vacation rental business. On top of all these professional titles, I am co-building a wonderful marriage, the ‘mother’ to two furbaby kitties, a curious explorer and promoter of my beloved Prince Edward Island, an ambitious crafter and DIY-er, an at-home yogi and fitness buff, a newbie bullet journal-er, an adventurous recipe experimenter, AND I manage frequent migraines and digestive and anxiety disorders. How on earth will I find the time to add ‘maintain a blog’ into the mix?

Well, I’m just going to have to carve out some time.


When I was younger, I always loved to write and tell stories. English was one of my best subjects throughout my school years, and I loved being able to express through words. I’m sad to say that I got out of the habit of writing as I entered more ‘hands-on’ careers rather than ‘thoughtful’ careers. I’m really looking forward to making writing a habit again!


The future of this blog will definitely see posts about all of the topics I’ve listed above, and I’m hoping that this blog will help me to be more focused on each thing that I do. I also hope to help you learn something new, and to inspire you to revisit an old, forgotten-about passion.

So, if you like DIY projects, heritage buildings, beauty and wellness tips, scenic Island views, easy and tasty recipes, cute cats, and honest reflections on relationships and living with physical and mental illness, I invite you to join me on my new journey of SavannahPEI.com.