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When I was around 6 years old, I boarded an airplane with my mom. We were headed from Prince Edward Island to Alberta to visit cousins who live out west. My copper hair was braided into two tidy braids and I was wearing a floofy summer dress.

The flight attendant was doing her welcome rounds, closing the baggage compartments and tucking in elbows, and when she came to my row, she was evidently amused by my outfit. “Hi, there! Are you Anne of Green Gables?” she said. I confidently looked up at her and said, “No. I’m Savannah of Guernsey Cove.”

Hello! I’m Savannah. And I am indeed from Guernsey Cove, PEI.

I’m a multipassionate entrepreneur – a jewellery designer and maker, freelance makeup artist, co-owner of a model agency, curator of vintage clothing and housewares, co-operator of a seasonal vintage and artisanal shop, and just this year began restoring a 130+ year old house to become a vacation rental business.

Aside from all of these professional titles, I am co-building a wonderful marriage, the ‘mother’ to two furbaby kitties, a curious explorer and promoter of my beloved Prince Edward Island, an ambitious crafter and DIY-er, an at-home yogi and fitness buff, a newbie bullet journal-er, an adventurous recipe experimenter, and I manage frequent migraines and digestive and anxiety disorders.

Welcome to my story!

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